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Thy Will Be Done:
A Six-Week Devotional

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Why does God’s plan for our lives sometimes feel like a complicated puzzle to solve?

Wouldn't life be so much simpler if He would just tell us whether or not to take that job, move to that city or go to that church?

Searching for God’s will isn’t easy. As we juggle careers, families, our life goals, all the while still remembering to schedule meetings and dentist appointments, figuring out the next step can feel overwhelming.

We’ve all been there.

In Thy Will Be Done, a six-week devotional, you’ll learn about ...

God’s plan for your life through topical, practical devotions aimed at some of life’s most challenging situations.

What it means to pursue God in every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your legacy, and from your thoughts to your circumstances.

Gaining peace and purpose by learning to trust a God who is always at work, even when we can’t see it.

Whether you’re looking for a personal devotional, a book for group study or a go-to reference in times of trouble and uncertainty, Thy Will Be Done will meet you right where you are. Each week, you’ll uncover truths about God’s plan for your life during times of waiting, grieving, fear and disappointment, with practical pointers for pursuing His direction in all things!

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